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  • Для всех смартфонов объектив IB-10MM 10 мм Супер Рыбий глаз 210 градусов супер Широкий формат сотовый телефон Объективы для фотоаппаратов комплект бесплатная доставка

  • Цвет: black
  • Бренд: jskei
  • Партномер: IB-10MM
  • Совместимость: Apple iPhones,Blackberry,HTC,LG,Motorola,Nokia,Palm,Panasonic,Samsung,Sony-Ericsson,Toshiba
  • Тип камеры телефона: Широкоформатное Len
  • Форма: Круглая
  • Product categary: Mobile Phone Lens
  • Lens Kit Included: wide angle/macro/fisheye/telephoto/CPL
  • Lens construction: 3Elements 3Groups
  • Lens glass bases: 40
  • length: 17.5mm
  • Material: Aluminum-magnesium alloy
  • Tolerances allowed: 0.01mm
  • Max diameter: 35mm
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Delivery Time: within 1-2 days

For All Smartphones Lens IB-10MM 10 Mm Super Fisheye 210 Degree Super Wide Angle Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit Free Shipping
10mm super fisheye lens(IB-10MM)
Advantages: For all smartphone phones,full screen 210degree , HD 4 k lens .
Company profile
jskei, focusing on Mobile Phone Lens and other mo bile phone perip hera l products for a decade, provides high-end accessories and services to the world, and constantly innovates to create the ultimate quality.
jskei strong r&d design team, with more than 20 years of industry experience, profound grasp industry trends, Chinese and western culture and the international trend of cutting-edge design, it has a powerful mold design, mold shaping, injection molding processing, complex processing, assembly and other link services.
jskei has a complete and rigorous "research and development of inspiration , design ,production ,supply chain integrationorder ,support ,warehousing logistics,brand communication ,integrated marketing , role and win-win" closed loop industrial chain .It has provided high value-added products and services for more than 30 top global enterprises.
With the good interaction with jskei brand in a wide range of fields, jskei has become the most competitive and influential high-end accessory brand in the world, leading the industry development direction.
User review
The lens is good, as a person who loves photography, I like going to take some subtilized photos.I feel the lens are much smaller and portable than the imagination when I get this lens .At the time of filming, I can take a lot of photos of flowers and beautiful scenes,which give a person a kind of comfortable feeling, each angle is different. The effect,angle and light are special interesting when use the lens.
I was quite satisfied with the effect,this lens is what I want,The appearance of it is very beautiful ,and it really goes well with my mobile phone. The quality aspect is indeed wonderful, it is worth the price.I asked for a long time when bought it, the seller\'s attitude is also very patient and nice, give a praise to her.
I received it very soon after placing the order, to be honest, I don\'t know how to use it at first. I got it backwards, thank you for the patience of the service guide.I bought three cameras, which are quite good, the effect is also nice. According to the other side of the floor anyway,it really has a good wide Angle effect .I don\'t know how to use the macro,which makes it doesn\'t work so well.I wil ask the service guide again,the clip is quite tight, and the price is acceptable, it really worth buying.


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